How to Stay Energized Throughout the Day

I feel like we’ve all experienced that post-lunchtime slump. You know the feeling. The one that leaves your eyes feeling like mousetraps that could snap shut at any given moment and asking you to form a cohesive sentence is a lot. THE WORST! You mentally want to be checked in and productive but you are just dragging. I’ve totally been there, girl.

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Today I’m coming atcha with 3 things that I do to stay energized throughout the day (and no…one of them is not have a 2 pm cup of coffee…although that works, too, lol).

Before we get into the tips, I have to lay a foundation. You are absolutely not going to be sustainably energized without a solid sleep schedule. Now hear me out…I totally understand that sometimes we are in seasons of life that require us to forego sleeping 7-8 hours every night (I’m looking at you new moms!) but if you are not sleeping simply because you don’t want to - NO. You need to make some changes, sister.

Turn the TV off. Shut the laptop down. Put your phone on airplane mode. And get your butt to bed! If you’re looking for ways to enhance your sleep, I’ve got you covered. Just read this post.

Okay, now that I’ve come down from my “sleep is not an option” soapbox let’s get on with the energizing tips.

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Tip #1: Drink lemon water.

This is something that is SO simple so you really have no excuse to not give it a go!

Not only does lemon water perk you up, it also promotes good digestive health. I know I don’t carry lemons around in my purse to squeeze into my water so I like to keep a bottle of Young Living Lemon Vitality oil in my bag so that I can pop a drop or two into my water midday if I’m not home.

Lemon water (to me) is more fun to drink than plain water so I typically end up drinking more water throughout the day when it’s flavored with lemon. And we all know that drinking enough water is the world’s best skin secret so it’s a double win: you have more energy AND nicer skin…you are welcome.

Tip #2: Listen to music or a podcast.

To me, podcasts are like exercise for your brain. If I’m feeling mentally foggy I turn on a good podcast and soak up the knowledge. I find that when I’m listening to something that I enjoy I am automatically more alert. But let’s say you’re at work and can’t really focus while listening to someone else talk (can relate) - that’s when music comes in. I like to play some instrumental music to give me a mental buzz. My fave is anything by Vitamin String Quartet.

Oh and some of my fave podcasts are: Go and Tell Gals, The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast, and Goal Digger The Podcast.

Hit play and feel the energy hug you.

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Tip #3: Stand up and move.

Since I started working from home full time (let me know if y’all want a whole post on that - I’d be happy to share) I have found that I spend A LOT of time sitting. Sitting at my desk. Sitting on my floor. Sitting on the porch.

I don’t know about you but sitting for long periods of time gives me automatic snooze fest vibes. Like I can’t NOT get tired if my butt is glued to a chair of some sort.

Luckily my Apple Watch yells at me (vibrates nicely but I feel like it’s yelling at me sometimes) if I’ve been sitting for too long and tells me that it’s time to stand.

BUT for my babes who don’t have an Apple Watch, I wanted to find something that would remind you to stand when you need to, too! ENTER: the Chime app. It’s a simple little app that you set to remind you to do something every so often. You can have it cue you every hour, half hour, quarter hour, or just before the hour. When your chime goes off you can stand up and talk a lap around the office, stretch, or walk to the break room/kitchen to pour yourself a big ole glass of lemon water (ahhh see what I did there). Moving my body is a surefire way to give me a little energy boost.

What are some things that you do to stay energized throughout the day? Do tell!