5 Reasons to Switch to Digital Planning

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Y’all…I used to be a HARDCORE paper planner. I decided to switch from paper planning to digital planning last summer and I have not looked back! There are so many perks of going digital, you guys. SO MANY!

First of all, just look at how beautiful 😍

But seriously. I’ve put together 5 reasons you should consider ditching paper planning for digital planning:

reason #1: portability

I digital plan on my iPad which is WAY easier to carry around than a bulky paper planner. Not only that, but I’m able to view my planner on my iPhone, too. And let’s be real…I’m never without my phone so I always have my planner with me! I have a video on my tutorial page that shows you how you can access your planner from your phone if you are using GoodNotes 4 like me. Now when I’m out and about and someone asks if I’m available on a certain day, I don’t have to tell them I’ll check my planner when I get home and let them know - I can pull out my digital planner and check right then and there!

Switching to Digital Planning

reason #2: less waste

There are so many things that we can do to be kinder to our planet and using less paper is one of them! Digital planners are less wasteful than paper planners in the sense that we are not having to cut down trees to make digital planners and we are not throwing digital planners away once they are “used up” - which by the way, my digital planners are undated so you can use them over and over again…bonus perk!

reason #3: customization levels high

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to customizing digital planners. You have the ability to add pages, stickers, pictures, text boxes, etc. One of my favorite things to do is go on Instagram and check the tagged photos on my digital planning account to see how y’all are using your digital planners. It’s so cool because no two ever look the same. You can make your digital planner meet your needs! And even better…you can change how you use your planner every month, week, or even day if you want to. Sometimes I feel like a weekly spread will work for me and then other days are extremely busy and I need an entire spread dedicated to just that day. I offer so many customizable inserts in my Etsy shop that you can use in your planner however you need to.

reason #4: cost effective

Popular paper planners are starting to cost upwards of $50…and that is just for a year! My digital planners are $15-$25 with the option to purchase add-on inserts but you only have to buy it once! Since it’s undated, you can use it forever! Sounds like a win in my book.

reason #5: easy to keep neat

Does anyone else CRINGE when they have to scratch something out in their planner because a date changed or you spelled something wrong? BC SAME. With digital planning, you have the ability to erase mistakes, resize handwriting that is too big, and draw perfect circles…all things that you can’t do in a paper planner, am I right? I love opening up my digital planner and seeing how neat and organized it looks.

So wait are you waiting for? I dare you to give digital planning a try! And if you’re still on the fence and want more info:

You can watch my digital planning tutorials here.

You can read digital planning FAQs here.

You can read my digital planning for beginners blog post here.

And if you’re like, “HECK YES, I’M IN” you can visit my Etsy shop to get your digital planner here!

And to put a pretty little bow on this blog post, I filmed a YouTube video to go along with it:

Happy (digital) planning, babes!