6 Ways You Can Create Less Waste

Hi babes! In the spirit of Earth Day being this week, I wanted to share 6 super simple ways that you can create less waste! The older I get, the more I understand the importance of taking care of this place that we call home. It is our responsibility to respect our planet and be more mindful of how we live on it.

I’m on a mission to make more sustainable choices and to be honest, it hasn’t really been that difficult to do. it just takes a little bit of planning + mindfulness.

I wanted to share 6 things that I’ve been using to create less waste!

Metal Straw.JPG

two. Reusable Coffee Cup

Another Amazon find, I scooped up a JOCO reusable coffee cup and not only does it help me create less waste…it is so stinking cute! I keep this baby in my Jeep so anytime I stop to get coffee at a coffee shop I have it handy. I bring it inside with me and when I order my coffee, I just hand it to the barista. They’re usually really pumped to see people bring their own cups - I’ve never had any issues!

three. Reusable water bottle

I have a 40 ounce Hydro Flask that I have used for close to 6 months now and I swear to you I am never without it! Not only does seeing it sitting on my desk remind me to drink enough water throughout the day, it saves me from using tons of plastic water bottles.

I typically drink 128 ounces of water every day. That would be almost 8 plastic bottles of standard sized water bottles if I didn’t use my reusable one! I love the Hydro Flask because it has a built in straw and a handle to carry it by. Plus it’s cool because I’ve added stickers to mine to make it fit my personality!


five. Thrifted Clothes

Okay so I used to think that thrifting was NOT my jam. I thought the only kind of clothes people found thrifting were vintage-style, mothball-smelling, weird stain-filled things. WRONG. I’ve been hitting up local markets where other people have done the digging through thrift stores (which overwhelms me) and just sell items that they’ve hand picked from bigger thrift stores.

I got this sweet red floral dress for like 12 bucks (SCORE!) plus it creates less waste because the more that we reuse clothing the less new clothing has to be created, ya know? It’s like recycling!


one. Reusable Straws

I bought a pack of metal straws from Amazon and you guys, I LOVE THEM! I use them for my smoothies and anytime I’m drinking something that isn’t in my Hydro Flask. This is such an easy swap for plastic straws. The pack that I got from Amazon came with a cleaning brush, too, so I usually clean them out with that!

My grandma didn’t love the metal against her teeth so she got some glass ones and loves them. Just find an option that works for you.

Coffee Cup.JPG

four. Digital planners + Notebooks

This one is probably the least surprising of all since I do own a digital planning Etsy shop and all 😂 But really, I can’t tell you how much paper I’ve saved since I’ve gone digital with my planners and notebooks.

Going digital has allowed me to use endless “paper” without creating any waste at all!

If you want to check out my digital planners and notebooks you can find them here. And if you’re like OH GIRL TELL ME MORE about digital planning, you can find my digital planning FAQ page here.

Digital Planner.JPG

six. Menstrual cup

Okay so I’m gonna be real here - I haven’t had to use a menstrual cup yet BUT I have one and I’m planning to use it once I need it. Maybe TMI but I have an IUD and I only get a very light period every few months. But Pixie Cup reached out and sent me one so I have it ready to go for when the time comes that I need it.

I’ve been interested in ditching tampons for awhile and making the switch over to a menstrual cup and now that I have one I really have no excuse. When I do end up needing to use it I will share my experience with you guys (in the most appropriate way possible lol) because I’m always very intrigued to hear about others’ experiences to help guide my own.

When I did have a period I was using 3-5 tampons every single day of my period which ended up being about 20 tampons a month. Think about every single woman using that many (or more!) and how much waste that produces. If more people switched to a menstrual cup that would be a heck of a lot less waste, ya know? Plus for every Pixie Cup that is purchased, one is sent to a woman in need which is really dope.

Everyone who I’ve talked to has said that the switch was tough at first but they would never go back to tampons.

I have a whole MINDFUL LIVING section in my Amazon store where you can check out some items I’m using in my mindful living journey. I often remind myself that every little bit helps and that it’s okay that I’m not a perfectly waste-free human (is anyone really?) - it’s all about taking consistent steps because that’s what leads to true change!

What are some items that you use to create less waste?