Mostly Non-Toxic Skin Care Routine for Late 20s-30s

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Hey babes! Now that I’m in my late 20s (29 to be exact) my skin care is a BIG priority. I used to not really care much about investing in a solid skin care routine but now it’s a non negotiable as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been hardcore implementing a strategic skin care routine since January and my skin is next level, you guys. I’m not kidding, my breakouts are almost non existent (really only get them during my period) and my skin is smooth and glowy. ALL THE PRIASE HANDS bc it hasn’t always been this way.

Some back story before we jump into the actual products that I use:

I eat a mostly healthy diet. I focus on eating as much whole healthy food as possible and keep processed food to a minimum. I don’t eat fast food hardly ever. And I drink a CRAP TON of water. A gallon a day. Plus I make sure to get 7-8 hours of solid sleep every night. All of this sets me up for beautiful, glowy skin!

Oh, and before I forget to mention it - I have combination skin.

In January I also started getting a facial every 8 weeks. The one I get is called the “Glow Getter” and while, yes, it’s an investment, it’s so worth it. I’ve noticed SUCH a huge difference! My girl Kellee at Faith & Glow in Tampa has seriously changed my skin game.

OKAY NOW - onto the products! I try to stick to mostly non-toxic products so keep that in mind as we go through this!

Morning Products.png



The first thing I do when I wake up is splash my face with cool water. When I use a towel to dab the dampness, I make sure that it’s a fresh towel - I change out my face wash towel every other day.


I use the IMPERIALIS MOISTURIZER from LUSH and I LOVE it. I use a small amount (a little goes a long way) and rub it on my face and neck.


I apply the WOLFBERRY EYE CREAM from Young Living next. I use my ring fingers to dab this stuff right under my eyes. My facialist (lol I’m aware this is a made up word) told me that she noticed a big difference in my under eyes after I started using this stuff.


The last thing I do in the morning is apply a spray toner. This one is kind of like a rose water. I just mist it all over my face.

This is my right out of bed skin care routine. After this I add some SPF then head to the gym. If I’m putting on make-up, I’ll still put on SPF, then apply a primer, then go right into applying my make-up.



I use these HONEST BEAUTY MAKE UP REMOVER WIPES to wipe off the bulk of my make up. I love how gentle these are on my skin. They don’t have a weird smell and they’re not overly …moist…sorry I know that’s not a fun word for most people, lol


I use ANGELS ON BARE SKIN from LUSH as my everyday cleanser. It has lavender in it and mmm you guys it’s just heavenly. You have to scoop some out and add a little water to your hands to rub it into a paste so I always make sure to wash my hands before washing my face.


Next, I grab a cotton pad and pour some WITCH HAZEL on it. I rub the cotton pad over my face to tone my skin. It gets any leftover gunk that the wipes and cleanser may have missed. There usually isn’t much though.

Evening Products.png


I do the same thing that I do in the morning for my under eyes. I grab my WOLFBERRY EYE CREAM from Young Living and dab it under my eyes with my ring fingers.


I make my own GLOW serum using my Young Living Essential Oils that I apply all over my face and neck as the last step of my nighttime skin care routine. If y’all want me to, I can totally do a separate blog post sharing how I make it - just let me know! I have shared it over on Instagram in my OILY TIPS highlight, too, if you want it like RIGHT NOW.

So that’s it for my day-to-day skin care but I do use 2 other products occasionally, too!

  1. I use the MINI FACIAL scrub by Clear Choice to EXFOLIATE 2-3 times per week. This stuff is legit a spa in a tube. I am OBSESSED.

  2. I also use the MASK OF MAGNAMINTY from LUSH one time a week. Usually on my day off is when I’ll paint my nails and do a face mask and this one takes the cake you guys. It’s green and has lots of texture so it’s basically your high sleepover face mask dreams come true, you know? You only have to leave it on for 10 minutes and my favorite part is that it doesn’t harden on your face. I don’t dig face masks that do that - they’re a pain to scrub off!

That, my friends, is a full on look into my skin care routine! So many of y’all over on IG have asked if I’d share this but I wanted to wait until I had been doing the same routine for a good 3 months before sharing. I can truly say that I love all of these products and they are rocking my skin care world over here!

Occasional Products.png

Skin care used to be very overwhelming for me. But it really is all about finding a routine that works for you and your skin. I am comfortable with the number of products I use and super confident in what I’m putting on my face. It’s important to me to do my research and choose products that are not filled with toxic chemicals. That’s why I love Young Living and LUSH products!

If you’re interested in scooping up some Young Living skin care products, you can shop through my link here.

What are some of your FAVE skin care products, gf? Do tell!

P.S. I use the app called THINK DIRTY to check the “toxic level” of the products that I use!