How do I get access to my product after purchasing through Etsy?

To access your digital file(s), go to You > Purchases and reviews and look for the order.
To the right of the order, click Download Files. This goes to the Downloads page for all the files attached to your order.
There are generally no limits for when or how many times you can download a file. In most cases, you can access a file any time on your Purchases page, provided the transaction hasn't been canceled or removed. If your payment is still processing, the Download Files button will be gray.

How do I unzip a zipped file on my iPad?

Your best bet is to unzip zipped files on a desktop and send them to your iPad unzipped but if that is not an option for you, you can use a third party app, like WinZip, to unzip files directly on your iPad.

Where can I find tips for getting started?

You’re in the right place! I would suggest reading this FAQ page, watching the tutorials on this page, reading my digital planning blog posts, and watching my digital planning playlist on YouTube!

Will the planner/notebook/journal work on my device?

I personally have only ever used the digital products on an iPad Pro. But they are PDF documents so they can be opened on any device that is compatible with opening PDFs. In order to edit them, you will need an application that allows you to annotate PDFs as well as a device that supports the use of a stylus. I have also heard of people using the products on their laptops by installing an application that allows you to annotate PDFs (more info below).

What program/app do you use?

GoodNotes4. I do know there is an iOS version of the app available for Mac computers/laptops, too. GoodNotes5 was recently released but I have no experience with it yet. I’ve spoken with a few customers and the consensus seems to be that GoodNotes5 is still glitchy so I work in GoodNotes4.

Do you have to use GoodNotes?

Not necessarily. That's just the note taking app that I prefer. As long as the app/program that you are using allows you to annotate PDFs you should be fine! I’ve heard that Xodo is good for Android users.

Do I have to repurchase a new planner/notebook/journal every year or can I reuse it?

The beauty of undated digital planners/notebooks/journals is you only have to purchase one and you can use it over and over again. You can either wipe your used version clean OR you can download a clean copy from Etsy at any time (as long as you were logged in to your Etsy account for your purchase). If you were not logged in when you made your purchase, you can access the download from the email Etsy sent you after your purchase was made.

If you purchase a dated planner, it cannot be reused once the time span of the planner has expired since the dates will not match from year to year.

Why can’t I click my tabs?

In GoodNotes4, make sure that you have the writing tool turned off to enable clicking on the tabs (the pen with the line through it…the furthest icon to the right on the navigation bar).

My tabs aren’t linked correctly. What can I do?

Unfortunately once the planners/notebooks/journals are edited or pages are added/deleted I can no longer give advice on the functionality since it is different for everyone. Make sure you follow my tutorial on copying/pasting pages to add them and make sure not to delete the tabbed sections. If your tabs are not working properly, my suggestions would be to restart your GoodNotes app or re-download a fresh version of the planner. I suggest downloading a clean copy of the planner from Etsy and using the video tutorial library to help you transfer information over from the old version to the new one.

Can I type in my digital planner/notebook/journal?

If the app or program that you are using allows you to type then yes.

Can I use fonts in my digital planner/notebook/journal?

As of right now, GoodNotes4 does not support the use of fonts within in the app. However, I have heard of an app called ZoomNotes that has this functionality. This is a question to look up on the app you are using’s website. My digital products support the use of any fonts, but you have to make sure the program you are using to edit the products supports use of fonts.

Can you see the planner/notebook/journal on your phone?


Can you edit the planner/notebooks on your phone?

Yes, but it is WAY more tedious than doing it on the iPad.

Do the inserts work in all planner volumes?

Yes! When you purchase an insert from my Etsy shop you will receive pages sized for both volumes.
Volume 1 inserts fit well in the volume 3 planner. Check out the video tutorial section to learn how to resize inserts.

Do your inserts work in the mindfulness journal and notebook?

Yes! Mindfulness journal: the inserts sized for volume 2 work best. Notebook: the inserts sized for volume 1 work best.

Can I resize my volume 1 inserts to fit into the Hustle Sanely volume 2 digital planner if I bought them before volume 2 came out?

Yes! The size for volume 2 inserts is:

Width: 5.24 inches

Height: 7.9 inches

There is a tutorial showing you how to resize them in our tutorial library.

What is the difference between the volumes?

Volume 1:
Turquoise tabs, no spiral, 12 months undated with functional tabs for each month, 1 spread for each month (calendar), 5 unlabeled functional tabs to add notes/inserts
You can see pictures of volume 1 in the listing on Etsy here.

Volume 2:
Rust tabs, spiral, 12 months undated with functional tabs for each month, 3 spreads for each month (calendar, goals + tasks + events + birthdays, reflection), 5 numbered functional tabs to add notes/inserts, 4 functional tabs at the top (front, index, vision board, stickers), sticker bundle spread, vision board spread, index spread
You can see pictures of volume 2 in the listing on Etsy here.

Volume 3:
Peach tabs, spiral, 12 months undated with functional tabs for each month, 2 spreads for each month (calendar, monthly reflection + gratitude page), 4 seasonal mindfulness check-in pages, 10 blank functional tabs to add notes/inserts, 4 functional tabs at the bottom (front, index, stickers, blanks), index spread
You can see pictures of volume 3 in the listing on Etsy here.

What tools do you use?