Tips for Creating Your Dream Workspace

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It’s important for everyone to have a workspace that inspires them to do more of what that they love. Whether you work from home and spend a lot of time in your workspace or you’re spending certain nights and weekends in your area…everyone deserves a space that is theirs to create freely.

I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to make my workspace the most beautiful, inspiring, effective oasis and so I want to share 5 tips that helped me create my dream workspace!

Tip #1: Work with what you’ve got.

It’s unrealistic to think that everyone has a whole room to dedicate to their workspace. I work from home, so I have a room that is my office but maybe you have a corner in your dining room or a space in your bedroom that is your workspace. THAT IS PERFECTLY FINE! Instead of being annoyed that your workspace is small, use your energy to make whatever space you have the best space possible.

If you don’t have room for a desk or table, maybe try creating a beautiful wooden lap desk type of situation. Something that you can easily fold up and put away when you’re not using it.

Spend a few minutes assessing the area that you have to work with and then make a game plan of how you can make it work for what you want to use it for.

Tip #2: Choose functional decor.

I am ALLLLL about making my workspace as aesthetically pleasing as possible…trust me. I want to feel inspired when I walk in! But I also understand the importance of choosing decor that is as functional as it is beautiful. I knew I wanted some beautiful wood shelves but instead of just buying knick knacks to put on them, I use them to display my essential oils.

And over on my desk, I knew I wanted pops of gold. So I bought some gold baskets and file holders so that I got my gold pops while also having a home for all of my paperwork. Obviously not all of your decor has to be functional but tip #3 explains why you should consider incorporating some functional decor.

Tip #3: Less is more.

It can be tempting to run into HomeGoods are fill your cart with ALL of the cute office decor…BUT DON’T! I did that when I first moved into this office space and it was a nightmare trying to find homes for all of the pieces that I bought. I found myself cluttering my desk space with odds and ends and ultimately not having enough space to actually do my work. Don’t do that, lol.

When it comes to “just because” decor less truly is more, Choose a few stunning pieces that truly spark joy for you and incorporate those. You’ll walk into a space that is not cluttered and that makes your heart happy!

Tip #4: Invest in good lighting.

My office has an overhead light built in but it’s behind my desk space. On cloudy days, when I don’t have the sunlight streaming through my windows, my overhead light just isn’t enough for me to see what I’m working on. I invested in a nice desk lamp that is beautiful AND functional (hey-o tip #2) and now I can always see what I’m working on.

Tip #5: Make your space as YOU as possible.

Pinterest is an amazing yet scary place. When I was first setting up my workspace I typed in “beautiful office spaces” in the search bar and was blown away by how gorgeous some of the spaces were. I also felt intimidated that I needed to make my space look like those. NOT TRUE!

Office space inspiration.JPG

Maybe you’re the kind of girl who likes a big collage of inspiring photos on an entire wall or maybe you’re more into clean lines and clear space. There is no wrong way to build a workspace.

If you sit down in your space and feel at peace, inspired, and ready to create then you’ve done a solid job at putting the space together.

What is something that you love about your workspace?

A lot of my friends over on the gram have asked for an office tour from me SO I finally filmed one for y’all:

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