Catchy Letter Board Quotes for the Holidays

Does anyone else have a weird obsession with changing the quote on their letter board? BC SAME. As soon as Thanksgiving ended I was gung-ho for all the holiday letter board quotes!

I rounded up my FIVE FAVES to share with y’all!

It wasn’t hard to choose my favorite either. My top favorite is the one to the right and it says:

“Here comes Amazon. Here comes Amazon. Right down my driveway!”

I didn’t say anything to my husband…just changed our board to this and he said, “WAIT THIS WAS WRITTEN FOR YOU!” …May or may not have an Amazon problem, lolll. I can’t be the only one?

I almost cried tears of laughter when a few of y’all tagged me over on Insta singing these lyrics to the “Here comes Santa Claus” song in your stories!

Amazon Holiday Letter Board.png

Here are the other 4:

“Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle”

I can’t help but giggle when I see this and if you can read that without giggling then you might just be the Grinch 😉

“Always jingle all the way bc nobody likes a half-assed jingler”

If this is not the holiday letter board anthem of an enneagram 3 then I don’t know what is!

“Fa lala. Jolly. Cheer. Merry. Bright.”

I like this one because it’s versatile! You just have to choose your fave holiday words and make them look like a Christmas tree! Cute, right?

“Hot choc & fuzzy socks”

No one can pass up a good rhyme…even if you have to kind of force it a little 😂We’re not quiiiite ready for fuzzy socks down here in Florida, but I’m hopeful that we’ll get a few cooler nights later in December!

Which of these quotes was your favorite?! If you use any of these, tag me on IG because I have a thing for letter board pictures. They make my heart so happy!

Pup Helper.jpg

My helper elf making sure that my spelling + grammar were acceptable…