How to Use Essential Oils

I've chatted about essential oils on the blog before, but I share a lot more oily goodness over on Instagram. A few lovely people have reached out asking how I use essential oils in my daily life so I wanted to share 5 ways that I use them!

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Let me start off by saying - I did my own research and after trying a few oil brands, I prefer Young Living oils. I would highly encourage you to do your own research to find what you think works best for you. I love YL's Seed to Seal promise and I feel comfortable using the oils in my home.

OKAY MOVING ON. 5 ways that I use oils in my day to day life:


I almost always have oils diffusing in my home. I have 3 diffusers: one in the living room, one in the office, and one in our bedroom. I HAVE to share this story with y'all - one of my husband's buddies came over and he asked my husband how our house smells so good even though we have 2 giant (smelly) dogs. My husband said, "Those oil things my wife diffuses." THEY WORK, Y'ALL 😂I like diffusing oils over burning candles because the smell lasts longer, and I don't feel like I'm burning chemicals in my home.

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These are some of my current favorite oils to diffuse!


If you have never heard of Thieves Cleaner  - GOOGLE IT! Seriously, you need this stuff in your life. I use it to clean all of the surfaces in our home - wood tables, granite countertops, the stove, the doors, etc. It smells wonderful and I feel so good knowing that I'm cleaning my house without spraying toxins everywhere.

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I mix a capful of the Thieves cleaner + distilled water and BOOM, good to go!

three. BEAUTY

I use essential oils often in my beauty routine. I made a nighttime serum that I use after washing my face every evening. I also use essential oils in place of perfume. Oh, and my recent fave: a makeup brush cleaning spray! If you haven't caught on, I'm doing my best to use the least amount of chemicals as I can in my day to day life.

I make my nighttime serum in a 2 oz bottle. Here is my nighttime serum recipe:

  • 15 drops tea tree oil

  • 15 drops frankincense oil

  • 10 drops lavender oil

  • 10 drops copaiba oil

  • Fill bottle 3/4 of the way with jojoba oil

  • Fill rest of bottle up with witch hazel

Y'all - LISTEN UP. This is what changed my world. I was having trouble sleeping so I decided to try using essential oils to make a sleepy roller. I roll this stuff on my feet and wrists every night and WOW. I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes in my sleep quality. I sleep through the night. I fall asleep quickly. I wake up feeling rested. It's A MIRACLE WORKER! If you want to know what's in it, check out this post!

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This is one of my favorite ways to use essential oils. I make roller blends for certain situations: when I'm feeling anxious, when I need energy, when I feel like I'm getting sick, when I need to focus etc. I roll the blends on my feet/wrists. I share all of these roller blend recipes in a PDF that I email to anyone who orders a starter kit through my link. If y'all are interested in me sharing more oily recipes on the blog, I totally will!

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If you're interested in ordering a Young Living Starter Kit, you can use my link here. If you do choose to purchase your kit through my link, I'll email you a PDF with all of my FAVORITE oily recipes/uses!

If you want more detail, you can totally watch this video from my YouTube channel:

What are some ways that you use essential oils in your life? I'm always looking for new ways to use them!

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