Enrollment for options 2 + 3 are closed until January 2020. Option 1 is always available.

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girlfriend, listen up. I know who you are.

If you’re here, I know your heart. I know you desire to have the space in your busy schedule that’s required to accomplish your goals and live out your purpose. I know you want permission to say “yes” to yourself and your dreams without carrying guilt. I also know that all of this seems so out of reach because the way you’re operating in your everyday life often leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frantic, and exhausted.

How do I know? BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN THERE! Working 2 jobs, starting an online biz, going to graduate school, completing on site practicums, and still trying to show up for myself and the people in my life was HARD. I want to give you the tools and strategies that took me so long to figure out RIGHT NOW so you can start hustling sanely ASAP, gf!

To hear my heart behind this program and decide if it’s something that resonates with yours:


My absolute favorite part about you is that you’re far from throwing in the towel despite all of your doubts. You’re ready to make a move on your dreams and live the fulfilling life you’ve always imagined, but you just need help getting clear on how to do that. If you’re on the edge of your seat desperate to learn how to build a schedule that allows you to manage your time well so that you can make your dreams happen without sacrificing your relationships and mental health, this program is for you. I’m about to hand you the tools you’ll need to build a lifestyle that will set you up to accomplish and sustain your your wildest dreams!


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What are babes saying about the program?

Karsen Murray

Karsen Murray

“Okay, look, if you’re anything like me – a gal with a full plate, loved ones who need your attention and a limited amount of time to get all the things done – then you don’t just probably need this program, you absolutely do. Why sacrifice one more relationship, your mind, your heart, your health and your sanity because you just can’t seem to figure out how manage any longer? I came to Jessica with a messy mis-managed schedule, a mind full of doubts, a marriage that was suffering as a result and tears streaming down my face, and I left with a plan – a plan that has allowed me to not just work, but LIVE and love from alignment, clarity and freedom. I’m actually not sure if there is one woman I know who doesn’t need this.”

(disclaimer: Karsen is my VA now but when we took her through the program in early 2019 she wasn’t 💛)

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Hustle Sanely Lifestyle Coaching
is for you...

if you read about any of these busy babes and think, “OMG YES, CAN RELATE!”

👒 People often describe you as the girl who wears all the hats.

You’re a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, a full-time student, and worker bee. You find yourself saying “no” to the things you need and saying “yes” to everyone else around you. You don’t believe in the perfect balance, but you know there has to be more to life than this one-sided cha-cha. One of your biggest dreams is to take care of yourself, practice your creativity, and crush your goals sanely without sacrificing your mental health and your relationships. Guess what? You can. Let’s do this, girlfriend!

🗓 Your calendar’s packed with good things but not “goal things.”

You’ve got a list of goals you wanted to accomplish this year, but they’ve been replaced by all sorts of busyness. You know that the only way your dreams will come to fruition is if you make time for them, but you feel a sense of guilt in wanting to pursue them -- let alone, find a place for them in your very full schedule. You want to stop going to bed in a frenzy as you think about all of tomorrow’s “to-dos” and start waking up with peace, discipline, and direction as you not only weave your goals successfully into your schedule but knock them off the list. Let’s make it happen, babe!

☀️ The honeymoon phase is over, girlfriend.

You’re in the thick of your dreams and goals but doubts like, “Am I really talented, creative, and capable enough for this?” have started to creep in more and more each day. What used to be the excitement phase of chasing your dream has now been replaced by comparison and defeat, and sometimes you let that mindset win. You’ve realized the most important part of sustaining the beautiful lifestyle you’ve created is learning how to *really* ditch your doubts, but you need some help getting (and staying) off the floor of you mind first. My hand is fully extended to you. I’m not here to save you, though. Heck no. You’re the one who is going to make the changes, I’m here to hand you the valuable tools you’ll need for the journey. Let’s go, sister!

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frequently asked questions


Q: Can I go at my own pace?
A: YES! You can absolutely go through this program at your own pace. In fact the ‘DIY Babe’ option was specifically created for this reason.

Q: When will options 2 + 3 be available again?
A: While option 1 is always available for purchase, options 2 + 3 will be open for enrollment 3 times per year. The next enrollment period is January 2020.

Q: I’m not a business owner. Is this program still for me?
A: Absolutely, girlfriend! This program was created for every type of woman out there: moms, teachers, side hustlers, bloggers, retired babes who want to invest in themselves, college students, etc!

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Due to the digital nature of the program, there is no refund available. Please make sure to read through each option thoroughly, and feel free to email any questions or concerns you have before purchasing the program to: jess@jessicamassey.com.

Q: Will the outcomes of the program differ based off of which option you choose to pursue?
A: Yes, and no. The program content itself is the same no matter which option you choose (DIY, Gimmie More, Go All In). However, Gimmie More & Go All In options include a community aspect, because we at Team Hustle Sanely believe that we weren’t created to do life alone.

‘Gimme More Babe’: includes a private Facebook group with Live Q+A sessions for 30 minutes once a week.
‘Go All In Babe’: includes the above plus live community coaching calls for 60 minutes once a week.

Other than that, the core contents of this program - videos and homework - are as still as life-changing.

Q: What if I can’t make it to one of the meetings if I’m a ‘Gimmie More Babe’ or ‘Go All In Babe’?
A: No worries, sister. You will be able to replay the FB Lives, and our meetings will be recorded so you can replay and catch up at your own pace if you happen to miss one! Woo! However, your opportunity to ask questions during these sessions will be unavailable.

Q: What can I expect to get out of the program?
A: I’m confident that the material in this program is golden. What you put into this program is what you’ll get out of it. You can expect assignments every week along with tangible takeaways that will teach you to build a schedule that allows you to pursue your dreams, conquer those goals, and invest in yourself without sacrificing your mental health or relationships.

Q: How do I access the program?
A:  This program will be provided to you on a professional, user-friendly learning platform called Teachable. You will receive an email upon purchase with a link to create and log in to your account. From there you will have access to all the program videos and training materials for life.

Q: Are payment plans available?
A: Yes! Payment plans will be available for the ‘Gimme More Babe’ + ‘Go All In Babe’ options only. They will look like this:

‘Gimme More Babe’: 2 payments of $155
‘Go All In Babe’ : 2 payments of $255

Q: Can I purchase if I’m outside of the U.S.?
A: Of course! These digital products are available for anyone with access to a computer.
Here is a time zone converter for your convenience to make sure you show up for meetings at the right times: https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

Q: I’d like more 1-on-1 guidance. How can I make that happen?
A: Perfect. While I’d love to spend an entire hour speaking to your goals specifically, the community coaching calls included in the Go All In Babe option are for our entire community. However, I’d love to chat with you in a more personalized way via my monthly coaching - click here to schedule and learn more.

Q: Can I share this program with a friend?
A: Each purchase is good for one person. I put a lot of my heart, time, and energy into creating this program for you. Sharing is caring, but in this case, we ask that you do not share your access to the program with anyone. Teachable is able to track all users and member logins, so don’t be that girl.