Things To Do In Tampa: Best Coffee Shops

It should be no surprise to you that coffee is my love language. There is nothing that makes happy like a good almond milk latte does, ya know? And I have to say, Tampa has really stepped its coffee game up over the last few years.

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There are quite a few local coffee shops that serve up a good cup of joe PLUS they're aesthetically decorated for all of your Instagram needs 😉

Here are some of my favorites:

    Foundation has 2 locations, one in Riverview (an outdoor coffee trailer) and one in Tampa. The Riverview location has a drive thru for all of us grab and go people. The Tampa location is absolutely gorgeous with all of the industrial vibes. They have a back patio space that is just as gorgeous. Anytime I want to go work at a coffee shop with my laptop for the day, Foundation is my go to place! There is a good amount of seating and it's such a spacious shop. The environment is welcoming and the service is top notch.

    Armature Works is a stunning mixed-use building with tons of food + drink options. I like to think of it as an adult food court. Union is the coffee shop inside of Armature Works and it does not disappoint! I love grabbing an almond milk latte and enjoying it outside as I walk along Riverwalk. Union offers a few fun, outside of the box drinks like their coffee cola.

    There are a few BB locations in Tampa. I've been to the one inside of Oxford Exchange and the one on Kennedy. Buddy Brew was one of the first non-Starbucks coffee shops in the Tampa area and it has the most "commercial" vibe of the bunch. You can find BB coffee served in many Tampa restaurants, too.

    I've been to 2 of The Blind Tiger locations (Hyde Park and Ybor) and both were great. Both are places that I would opt to set up shop for the day to work/study. They are known for their speakeasy-like atmosphere. I went to the Ybor location when they turned it into Luke's Diner from Gilmore Girls during the GG revival event so that shop holds a special place in my heart!

    There are 2 locations in the Tampa area, and I've been to the downtown spot. It is a smaller shop but the vibe is super chill and chic. The baristas were really friendly when my husband and I checked this shop out. The Kennedy location has a drive thru so that is definitely a plus if you're trying to grab and go.

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So next time you're in the Tampa area looking for coffee, skip on Starbucks and try one of these local shops. You won't be sorry!

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