Why did you start using essential oils?

I was in search of sleep support when I was introduced to Young Living. I was in grad school and working 2 jobs at the time and was having trouble falling asleep at night. My friend sent me a roller blend sample and I noticed that after using it my sleep quality greatly improved. I have been hooked ever since!

Why did you choose Young Living?

I have used multiple different essential oils brands and I prefer Young Living blends - they smell amazing and the give me the support I am looking for. But the #1 reason I chose YL is because of their Seed to Seal promise. I trust that YL delivers pure essential oils. You can read more about their Seed to Seal promise on their website by clicking here.

How much is a starter kit and what is included?

There are a few different starter kits all priced differently. My favorite is the Premium Starter Kit and it starts at $165 plus tax + shipping. That kit includes:

  • A diffuser of your choice (the Aria diffuser is my favorite but the Desert Mist is popular, too!)

  • 12 bottles of essential oils (Peace & Calming, Peppermint, Valor, Digize, Raven, Lemon, Lavender, Citrus Fresh, Panaway, Thieves, Stress Away, Frankincense)

  • Thieves Hand Purifier (I use this in place of hand sanitizer)

  • Thieves Cleaner Sample

  • Ningxia Red Packets

  • Two Aromaglide Fitments

Signing up for a premium starter kit makes you a Young Living member for a year and you receive 24% off of retail price on Young Living products.

How do I maintain my membership after a year if I want to continue getting wholesale pricing on items?

Spend 50 PV (around $50) on products per year.

What does being on your team mean?

If you purchase a Starter Kit through my link that automatically makes you a member of the team I’m on, Shiplap + Oils! We have a few Facebook groups, a members only website, and an Instagram page where we can collaborate on all things oily.

I also email anyone who signs up through my link a 14-page PDF with lots of helpful oily information to help you make the most out of your starter kit as well as a 10-page biz 101 packet in case you’re interested in the business side.

Do I have to sell if I purchase a starter kit?

Absolutely not.

Is there a monthly fee if I buy a starter kit?

No. You can sign up for Essential Rewards but it is not required.

What is Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards is an optional monthly auto-ship program that allows you to pick out the products you want each month and they are delivered straight to your door! You get everything at member price (24% off of retail) and you earn points for every dollar you spend. The minimum purchase requirement is 50 PV (around $50). There is the potential to receive free promotions each month, too, based on how much you spend. You can cancel ER at any time.

Can I just buy single bottles of oils or do I have to buy a starter kit?

Yes! You can use my link to sign up as a “retail customer” instead of becoming a member. Buying a Premium Starter Kit, in my opinion, is the best bang for your buck, because you get all of the above mentioned items plus you get 24% off of retail pricing.

Do you use essential oils around your pets?

Yes but I did a lot of research first and you should, too! I don’t diffuse oils around my pets in an enclosed spaces and I only use Young Living oils in our home. The FDA does not regulate essential oils so some companies can add fillers to their oils that could potentially harm your pets. This is another reason why I really appreciate the Seed to Seal Promise from Young Living. Young Living even offers a line specifically for pets. You can get more information about that on their website here.

Is it safe to use Young Living essential oils while pregnant?

Since I am not a medical professional, I don’t feel comfortable advising anyone in regards to this. I would totally recommend chatting with your doctor about it!

What are your favorite oils?

Ah this is such a hard question! But these are my top favorites right now:

  • Northern Lights Black Spruce

  • Valor

  • Peace & Calming II

  • Envision

  • Joy

  • Eucalyptus Radiata

  • Abundance

  • White Angelica

  • SARA

  • Tangerine

  • Lemon

I send anyone who signs up through my link this Essential Oil Welcome Packet - after many requests, I have added it to my Etsy shop for purchase! Note: If you sign up for a Starter Kit through my link, you will get this same document emailed to you for free!

Copy of Copy of to-do list insert for digital planning.png

About the E-Book:

- 14 page PDF document (11 of those pages are informational)

- Sections Include:
• Starter Kit Oil Quick Guide
• Essential Oil Diffuser Blends
• Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends
• Other Recipes
• Fun Faves
• Carrier Oils
• Essential Rewards
• 10-Day Starter Kit Challenge

*Please note that I am a Young Living lover, user, and distributor but I am not a medical professional. Seek the advice of a medical professional before using essential oils. I am not claiming that essential oils are intended to be used in place of medical treatment.