3 Tips for Styling Graphic Tees

I wear graphic tees probably 4 out of 7 days of the week. Not to brag or anything, but I feel like I’m pretty solid in the graphic tee styling department ✨I have a few go-to tips for styling my tees and wanted to share them with y’all so you can wear comfy graphic tees without feeling like you just rolled out of bed!

Tip #1: Add a jean shirt/jacket.

This is such an easy way to quickly dress up a graphic tee! I live in Florida (aka hot AF) so I tend to go for chambray button ups over actual jean jackets this time of year but either one works! I love rocking this look with a boyfriend jean and some cute tennies!

You Are Loved.jpg

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Tip #2: Add a necklace and roll up the sleeves.

If I’m wearing a graphic tee without something over it, chances are I have the sleeves rolled up! I think it makes tees look a little daintier and a little more polished, ya know? Less pajama looking. Add a chunky necklace and you’re pretty much ready to conquer the world in your comfy tee.

Grace and Hustle.jpg
Dream It Then Do It.jpg


Tip #3: Cut the neck and/or tuck it into a skirt (add a fun hat for bonus points).

If I wear a skirt with my graphic tee I automatically feel like I’m ready to take on whatever the day holds, lol - seriously. I have nothing tight on my stomach (more room for snacks) and my legs are not trapped in leg prison (aka pants). It’s an all around win tbh.

And for a fun weekend look, I love cutting the neckline on tees to make them off the shoulder. Pair it with a bralette and you’re good to go. Aerie is my JAM when it comes to cute + comfy bralettes.

Dream Do.jpg

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And a few people over on the gram requested a tutorial for how I achieve my off the shoulder look so I put together a quick video for y’all here:

What are some of your styling tips when it comes to rocking a graphic tee? I love how versatile they are!

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