Dining Room Decor + Finding Your Home Decor Style

HI BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Today we are diving deep (well as deep as you can dive as far as home decor goes) into dining room decor and finding your own personal style when it comes to home decor in general.

If you follow me over on the gram (first of all, ily) you may have seen a recent post with the photo above and a lengthy caption that talked about how I tried farmhouse decor because it is very "in" right now. Yes, don't worry, I am rolling my eyes at me, too.

Farmhouse Dining Room Decor.jpg


My husband and I moved into our new house at the very end of January. I was SO PUMPED to get in there and Joanna Gaines the crap out of that place. So I did that. And guess what? Every time I walked in the door I was annoyed. Why? Because it didn't feel like US (my husband + I). Was it pretty? Oh, yes, absolutely. But it didn't feel like our space. See image on the right:

I know all I changed out was a centerpiece and a wreath but MAN it made a huge difference. The wall with the wreath is the first one that you see when you walk into our house. At least, it's the first wall my eye goes to when I walk in the front door. I wanted it to be something that I was excited to see. The Magnolia wreath is gorgeous, but it just didn't feel like us. That's when I decided to say, "SCREW THE TRENDS!" and I opted for the very simple "Eat Well" and "Travel Often" framed photos.

Can I say that again? SCREW THE TRENDS. I know that I sometimes catch myself falling captive to buying something because it's very "in" at the moment. The older I get, the more I find myself openly expressing distaste toward things that are currently trendy. Maybe that means I'm getting old OR maybe that just means that I'm comfortable exploring and embracing my own true personal style.

Don't be afraid to rock what you like, friends. You're awesome. Finding and embracing your own style is where it's at.

AND NOW, why you're probably actually here, let's chat about how I "made" these little framed signs.

I bought the downloadable prints from this Etsy shop and saved them to my laptop. Then I went onto the Staples website and did the following:

  • Click Services & Solutions > Print & Marketing Services > Signs, Banners & Posters > Posters

  • I clicked "design" and uploaded my designs one at a time. Don't forget to click "scale to fit" so your image fits in the printing parameters. I went with the 18x24 portrait size, and I chose the "Standard Heavyweight" material option.

  • After submitting my order to Staples, I picked it up later that day. SUPER EASY!

Then I headed over to Target and scooped up some simple, black 18x24 inch frames. My husband ended up cutting a tad off of the posters so that they would fit into the frames without looking wrinkly.

It took hardly any time at all and we love the results!

Let me know if you want to see other rooms in our house and I'd be happy to share!

P.S. A few people have reached out asking if I plan to sell prints in my shop - YES! I'm working on a few designs now!