Top 5 Podcasts for Boss Babes

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Hi babes! It's no secret that I'm a podcast junkie. I talk about them all. the. time! A frequently asked question I get is, "What are your FAVE podcasts?!" I figured what better place to share then right here on the blog!

Let me start by saying that I listen to podcasts when I'm driving, working out, getting ready, taking a shower (lol...truth), designing new products (like in the photo above), taking a walk, etc. Listening without having to watch something gives me the freedom to do other things while consuming such valuable info.

Podcasts are honestly where I get most of my business advice! Okay, enough chatting. Let's get to the goods:

One: The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

Woo, buddy. Jenna spits straight fire in her episodes. My favorite thing about her podcast is that I take away something tangible from just about every episode. She gives her audiences tools and strategies that they can put into practice RIGHT then and there. Jenna has quality guests on her show and she knows just the questions to ask to get the information that her audience wants to hear. I honestly like both her solo episodes and her interviews.

Two: Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis

SURPRISE! lol, jk...we all know that I am mildly obsessed with Rachel so OF COURSE her podcast is one of my top 5. Rachel's speaking voice is so powerful and that totally carries through in her podcast episodes. I finish her episodes ready to put in the dang work! And same thing applies here - I love both her solo episodes and the interviews that she does on the show.

Three: The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

This is one of the first podcasts that I started listening to. I honestly cannot remember how I stumbled upon Lewis' show but I am so glad that I did. Lewis is a former pro-athlete and he shares such solid insight about life, business, and everything in between. He is so humble and transparent and he asks his guests hard questions that require honest answers. Both his solo episodes and his interviews are top-notch.

Four: The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon

This is a newer one that I've started listening to but I haven't missed an episode in like 2 months! Jules brings such quality content to the table. I appreciate that a lot of her solo episodes are short and to the point but they still pack a mean punch. I'm always amazed at how much value she can fit into a 20-minute episode. Her show, like Jenna's, gives me tips that I can start using that same day in my business which I'm totally grateful for.

Five: The Brendon Show with Brendon Burchard

This is another one that I recently started listening to after starting Brendon's book "High Performance Habits." I loved what he had to say so much in his book that I figured I'd give his podcast a listen. It's another one that provides powerful content in a short amount of time. My commute to school is like 25ish minutes and I can usually fit an entire episode in. I always catch myself eagerly nodding in agreement during his episodes!

I listen to other podcasts as well but these 5 are the ones that I rarely miss an episode of! Podcasts are TOTALLY FREE to listen to, people! If you're not already on the podcast train it's time to hop on board because saying no to valuable/insightful content that is FREE just doesn't make sense, lol.

Seriously though - my online businesses have transformed because of the wisdom-filled knowledge bombs that the above people have given me via their podcasts!

What are some of your go-to shows?

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